Fall 2022

Because policies regarding Covid-19 change regularly, I suggest you monitor the NCAA and  Eligibility Center pages. 2023 grads should know that the NCAA has extended the SAT/ACT waiver to cover students entering college in the fall of 2023.

You can also download this handout, entitled NCAA Eligibility Center COVID-19 Response FAQs

NAIA Eligibility
requirements were amended due to covid-19 for students graduating through spring 2022. However, a bylaw amendment passed in 2021 mandates that as of the fall of 2022, high school students graduating with a 2.3 GPA will be eligible based on their GPA alone. Test scores and class rank will not be a factor.

Students carrying a GPA below 2.3 will be required to meet the existing 2 out of 3 requirement--e.g., 2.0 GPA, 970 SAT/18 ACT and/or be in the top 50% of your graduating class. (There is also an option of having completed 3 college level courses.  Consult the NAIA Eligibility Center for details.)

Even though many colleges are waiving college boards or making them optional for applicants,
for now, potential collegiate athletes should continue to take their SAT/ACT starting in their junior year.  You want to ensure you're recruitable!


The Covid-19 pandemic could
affect recruiting even after life appears to return to normal. Some colleges may continue to use a hybrid approach to classes into the 2022-23 school year. And where recruiting is concerned, 2023 and even 2024 high school grads will likely have to consider more colleges and teams and be extremely proactive. 

How much of an impact Covid has on recruiting will vary from school to school.  It will depend on the number of players in the next two graduating classes--2023 or 2024--and on how many elect to use their extra year of eligibility. (This will likely be more common at the Div. I level.)  It may also depend on the school's athletic affiliation as well as the athletic department's financial wellness. 

Let me reiterate. If you really want to play softball in college, you cannot sit on your hands! Develop a game plan now to ensure you're at the front of the recruiting class when coaches start looking for commitments. Stay patient, stay informed, stay active...and stay well!


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