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If you want a knowledgeable expert at your side throughout your college search, read more about how CSC can help you beat out the competition and find a spot on a college team. There are lots of multi sport corporate web sites to choose from, along with many for-profit recruiting camps, but only Collegiate Softball Connection works one-on-one with families to help you navigate the often complex maze that is the college search.

Families have two levels of service to choose from. On the Fast Track, you receive personalized guidance through the college search from noted recruiting expert Catharine Aradi along with an introduction to between 400 and 500 colleges at all levels of competition.

As an alternative to the Fast Track option, teams and players can choose the Basic Connection. This offers a low cost way to expand the player's exposure opportunities. For more information on CSC services, download a brochure and check out these references from happy clients.

Sit in the softball stands, and you'll hear all sorts of stories and opinions. But how do you separate fact from fiction?  If you or your parents have questions you would like answered by an expert, call Cathi Aradi for a phone consultation!

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Preparing to Play Softball at the Collegiate Level by Catharine Aradi
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Articles     Information relating to all aspects of the college search for athletes.
Nov.-Dec. 2016: A Few Recruiting Differences You Should Know About

Recruiting FAQ      Q & A related to recruiting and the college search process for athletes. Post your recruiting questions here!   
It’s Just My Opinion   12-1-16   Make the Most of Your Holidays!
Recruiting News      Updates on any new guideline changes approved at the January 2016 NCAA Convention! 
Phone Consultations       If you have questions about your college search, consider a phone consultation. You'll have access to the best, most objective recruiting advice available!  There is a $30 charge.  To sign up, click on this link.

Order the 2016 edition of my book by calling 502-409-4600 or go to the NFCA's online store at Group discounts are also available!
This page is designed to help college-bound softball players gain a competitive edge while searching for the right college. The information provided here will help athletes as well as their parents and coaches. It includes: 
“Coaches call Cathi Aradi’s book the
Bible of Fastpitch Recruiting!”
About the Author

I'm Catharine Aradi, softball recruiting consultant and owner of Collegiate Softball Connection. I'm an active member of the National Fastpitch Coaches Association, and I work with athletes and colleges all over the U.S. and Canada. For over twenty years, I've worked directly with thousands of softball players, and I have helped many more through my book,
Preparing to Play Softball at the Collegiate Level.

Several years ago, (now Full Count Softball) polled over 250 of the top youth coaches in the country to find out who they consider to be the most influential people in fastpitch. On their list of the “Ten Most Influential People in Softball,”  I was number eight. Others in the top ten included Olympians Jenny Finch and Lisa Fernandez, former UCLA head coach Sue Enquist, and USA Olympic coach Mike Candrea. 

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