This book offers a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to the college search process for any athlete. It specifically examines softball at the collegiate level and helps you determine both your collegiate goals and the type of team you could play for. It covers NCAA and NAIA academic and recruiting guidelines and discusses what you should do to get ready to play in college.

The book also explores in detail how and when to contact coaches, tells you what questions to ask once the recruiting process begins, and provides useful tips for marketing yourself to colleges, including how to develop a resume and letter of introduction and how to make an effective skills video.

In addition, Preparing to Play Softball at the Collegiate Level tells you what to expect during the recruiting process, what to consider when choosing a community college, and takes an in-depth look at scholarships and financial aid. It also includes a list of colleges around the country with softball teams and information about each program.

This book is updated annually and is considered by college softball coaches everywhere to be the single best recruiting resource available for college-bound athletes and their families. It will also be tremendously useful for youth coaches and guidance counselors who want to help their softball players find both the colleges and the teams that are right for them.

“Many student-athletes dream of playing at the ‘next level.’ However, to play at the ‘next level,’ one must navigate the recruiting process. This process can be both exciting and challenging, as the recruiting landscape changes at a very fast pace. Cathi Aradi’s book helps differentiate the myths and truths of recruiting, and most importantly, helps break down complex rules into practical applications for parents and players.”   - Carol Bruggeman, Executive Director, National Fastpitch Coaches Assoc.

"The NFCA chose to endorse Cathi Aradi's book because it is a great tool for parents and players to use as they go through the collegiate recruiting process."      - Lacy Lee Baker, Former Executive Director, National Fastpitch Coaches Assoc.

“Coaches call
Preparing to Play Softball at the Collegiate Level the “Bible of Fastpitch Recruiting.”    Students Sports, now!

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by Catharine Aradi
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