General Recruiting Information for All High School Athletes

While my 25+ years of recruiting experience is with softball, there are many aspects of collegiate recruiting that are generic to all sports.  First and foremost is ACADEMICS. No matter how talented an athlete may be, if he or she is not on track academically, making a college team and/or winning a scholarship can be very difficult.  And although some college sports may have different recruiting timetables, there are certain elements of the process that apply to all would-be college players.  This is where I can help.

I encourage families considering the college search process for their athlete to visit various pages in this site for ideas on how it all works. In addition, there are links to sites that will be helpful to all college-bound players such as: NCAA and NAIA Home Pages and Eligibility Centers; SAT and ACT Test Pages; Junior College Athletic Organizations; and, Financial Aid Information.

I also offer consultation services to families who just want a little bit of guidance and want to be sure their student-athlete is on track to find the college of his or her dreams!

These include:

1. High School Transcript Assessment - $50.00

I will review your student's high school transcript(s) to determine if he or she is meeting NCAA academic core course requirements. While most high school counselors are great at ensuring the student graduates high school ready for college, not all of them have extensive experience with meeting the specific needs of athletes.

After I review the transcript, I will provide a written assessment of where your player stands and what he or she needs to be doing to ensure eligibility.  This includes a recommendation of SAT/ACT preparation and test scheduling (where applicable).

2. Transcript Assessment and Phone or Zoom Meeting - $100.00

After I have assessed your student's transcript, we can schedule a conference call or a Zoom meeting to discuss your student's situation and examine his or her options to be sure the student will finish high school eligible to play NCAA or NAIA sports.

3. Recruiting Guidance - $50 per call or Zoom meeting.

While many sports have coaches or recruiting coordinators who can help educate your athlete about reaching out to college coaches and so on, it may be helpful for the family to have a specific game plan to follow that includes eligibility certification, how to determine the best recruiting pathways for your sport, and more.  I will schedule a 50-60 minute phone call or Zoom session with the player and a parent to identify
your player's collegiate athletic needs and map out a route to meet them.

This can be a one-time meeting or we can set up a series of meetings to track your athlete's progress as he or she searches for the right college athletic program.

For more information or to set up a meeting for your student-athlete, please email or call 415-456-6449.  If you would like references, please check out the references page or email me.

To pay for any of the services described above, please use this button:

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