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Here's what people have to say about Preparing to Play Softball at the Collegiate Level:

“Cathi Aradi’s book on softball recruiting is a game-changer for parents, players, and coaches alike.  With insightful guidance, strategic advice, and a wealth of experience, Aradi empowers individuals involved in the recruiting process.  Her comprehensive approach equips readers with the tools they need to navigate the complex world of softball recruitment successfully. A must read for anyone looking to elevate their understanding and make informed decisions in the competitive realm of college recruiting today.” 
Mike Candrea: Former Head Coach, the University of Arizona (8 Time NCAA National Champions); USA Olympic Head Coach 2004 & 2008

“A must read for every high school coach, travel ball coach, softball parent, and most importantly, every young player who aspires to play college softball. Cathi Aradi helps you navigate the ever changing recruiting scene for your benefit. Please know that there is a place to play in college for everyone. Find yours with the help of this great book!”
Jay Miller (retired), Hall of Fame Coach, USA National Team, Div. I Head Coach

"Understanding the softball recruiting process is a difficult task, especially if you listen to non-experts (like other parents and, unfortunately, some coaches).  I scoured the internet for information but nothing was as good as Cathi's book."    
Parents of a Div. I player.

"Solve the mysteries of the college search process with this step-by-step, easy-to-understand book that will give your athlete the best chance of being recruited to play softball in college. I am so glad to have found this resource!"     

Parents of a high school player

“Coaches/Parents, when you want to learn anything, you start at the top.  That’s why you should call Cathi Aradi to learn about softball recruiting.  Her guide is the one book that college coaches across the country always recommend.
Danny Gershwin, Georgia Academy Power

"This book helped guide our family through the complicated maze of collegiate recruiting and
finding the right school for our daughter."       
Parents of a Division I college player

"Recruiting can make parents and players confused, frantic and anxious. This books clearly spells out each step of the process. It kept us on track, reminded us of our goals, and provided many good insights. It was money well spent."     
Parents of an Ivy League student-athlete    

"Ms. Aradi seems to know literally everything about how the college search works, and she has no agenda
other than helping young women find a place to play softball in college if that is their dream!"      
Parent of a Div. III college player

"I tell anyone who will listen that they must buy this book. It's really the best softball recruiting investment you can make!"      
Parent of a Div. II college player

"Cathi's process as it's laid out in this book is spot on for the softball recruiting world these days. We are
fortunate--as a well-established organization--to get into the best tournaments. But following Cathi's guidelines gets the coaches out there to specifically see our athletes!"      
Recruiting Coordinator for top California travel program

"The NFCA chose to endorse Cathi Aradi's book because it is a great tool for parents and players to use as they
go through the collegiate recruiting process."     

Lacy Lee Baker (retired) Former Executive Director, National Fastpitch Coaches Assoc.

"Coaches call Preparing to
Play Softball at the Collegiate Level the “Bible of Fastpitch Recruiting."    
Students Sports, now part of Flo Softball

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An overview of collegiate fastpitch
How to decide if playing in college is right for you
What it takes to be academically eligible  
Why putting yourself in front of coaches is the key to a successful college search
When and how to start contacting college coaches
How to identify your "wow factor" schools
How to showcase your softball skills in a video
What to expect during the recruiting process
The realities of softball scholarships and financial aid
A list of over 1200 colleges with softball teams
And much, much more...
Preparing to Play Softball at the Collegiate Level provides readers with a step-by-step guide to the college search. The book (which is updated annually) is considered by softball coaches everywhere to be the single best recruiting resource available for college-bound athletes and their families. It will also be valuable to youth coaches, travel organizations and guidance counselors who want to help their softball players find both the colleges and the teams that are right for them. It covers all aspects of the college search, including:
Fastpitch Recruiting Web Source
Fastpitch Recruiting Web Source
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